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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bentos for the Kids

The kids were so impressed with DH's bento, that they've been begging me to make them Bentos, even when we're not going anywhere. I didn't take pictures of the first few of theirs, either. On the 11th, we went to IPEZ and met one of Emily's classmates there. IPEZ has their party rooms open during their "Mommy and Me" playtimes, so you can bring snacks and lunches and such to eat there. So, I packed Bento!

The top tiers are trail mix, and leftover pizza cut into small wedges. The bottom tiers are carrots, little containers of 3-cheese ranch for dipping, a Laughing Cow cheese square, and red grapes. There were cinnamon graham crackers in the lid.

This one's MINE... lol. Top tier is leftover brown rice, ginger-marinated shrimp, and a little sauce bottle of soy sauce. Bottom tier is watermelon, with a couple of picks to look cute
This plain lunch box is actually smaller in capacity than the cute ones I got for the kids, so I have a side-car with green salad, carrots, and 3-cheese Ranch dressing.
(You can click on the pictures for a larger view.)

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