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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bento 15 July 2008

Left side (which is the top tier), we have 2 skewers of red grapes, with a few more grapes underneath... a whole grain wrap with ham, chicken, salami, and cheddar cheese, and some baran (green plastic grass) as a separator. Next is the bottom tier, we have a Laughing cow cheese wedge, baby carrots with 3-cheese ranch dipping sauce, and some cashew trail mix from Archer Farms. Larger lid has Oreos, smaller lid has Club crackers. Side car with potato salad.
I need to get some edible green stuff that he'll like, for variety of colour if nothing else...

Bento Pet from On a Bento Frenzy is holding a bento contest for "regular" bento packers (as in, not the uber-cute ones), so I may enter, if I get enough posts up here by the contest end. I would LOVE the prize, so much Pooh stuff my daughter would go NUTs.... lol.

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