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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 July Bento for The Man

It's mah birthday! :D *happy dance*
DH had jury duty yesterday, and didn't want to mess with carrying extra stuff, so no Bento.

Breakfast at the top... cheese omelette, cooked in the microwave. Container of sliced strawberries, some fresh blueberries with a couple of strawberry slices on top, and some buttered toast cut into soldiers.
For lunch, he's got leftover fried chicken, pulled off the bone; Club crackers, and a Laughing cow cheese wedge; green grapes; baby carrots with dip in the T/W Smidget container; a side car of cole slaw, and the ubiquitous Oreo for dessert, in the lid.
Looks good to me!
(But why didn't anyone make me a birthday Bento? /le sigh)

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