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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Alzheimer's Awareness, Bicycle Riding, and Water

Chances are good that you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's or another cognitive disorder.  It is a hard, hard thing to go through, both as a patient and as a caregiver.  It is a terrible disease, and while there have been some exciting studies (also this one), we are not close enough to a true cure yet.

In order to raise money, both for research and for support for caregivers & patients, my family is involved in A Ride to Remember.  We participated last year, and are greatly looking forward to the event again this year.  My husband donates his sweat, muscle soreness, and sometimes blood for the cause.  He will ride his bicycle for 252 miles (from Simpsonville all the way to Charleston) over 3 days in the stifling July heat, with over 260 other cyclists.  It's grueling, but rewarding.  (Check out his experiences in his own words.)

Our daughters and I volunteer on the trip, as well.  Last year, we followed along behind all the cyclists and picked up all the directional signs on the first day.  This was an extremely long day, but a lot of fun.  The second and third days, we staffed one of the water stops along the route.  We felt a lot more connected this way.  We got to interact with most of the cyclists, providing water, snacks, and encouragement during a long, hot day.  We have not gotten our assignments for this year's ride yet, but I am sure it will be another amazing experience.

You can help!   This year, my husband's fundraising goal is $2,520, or $10 for each mile they ride.  If you can sponsor a mile or 2, or even just a half, it would be greatly appreciated.  EVERY bit helps, no matter how small.  The vast majority of supplies for the event are donated, and each rider & volunteer pays their own travel expenses, so all the fundraising goes directly to helping people.
If you can't afford to donate right now, would you consider helping to spread the word?

We also will be writing the names of loved ones who have passed, or are currently suffering from this or related diseases, on Brian's numbered bib for the ride.  If you would like to have someone remembered in this way, send me a message or leave a comment.  We would be honoured to include as many people as we can.

Let's help #endALZ together.
Getting ready to ride on Day 1 (Brian is 2nd from left)

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