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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Have you been fascinated by Build A Menu, but didn't quite want to bite the bullet and buy a membership?  I have GREAT NEWS!  I have a 6 month membership to give away!  For the next 6 months, you can enjoy less stress over menu planning and budgetary concerns with Build A Menu.  The service is easy to use, versatile, and SO helpful.

Step 1: Choose your store.  They have many stores to choose from, and are working to add more all the time.  They added Aldi in January, which is awesome!  They also include an "Any store" option, which still gives you average prices for your chosen meals.

Step 2: Select your recipes.  There are so many different options here!  Does someone in your family have allergies?  Following a specific diet plan?  (Any Trim Healthy Mamas out there need help with menu planning?  Yep, they've got that, too!)  Paleo?  Gluten Free?  It's all here!
My favourite part of this section is that as you select recipes, there's a side bar that keeps track of your spending at the grocery store for the chosen meals.  "Hmm, we're creeping up on $100, I better save that salmon recipe for next week."  Easy Peasy!

Step 3: Print your shopping list (and/or menus).  You can click and drag your chosen recipes to specific dates on the handy-dandy calendar if you like, or you can just print out the list of recipes and the shopping list.  BAM sorts your list for you into convenient grocery store categories (meats, produce, etc.)

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Misty Marr said...

I am stuck in a rut. This might help me with new ideas!

Lena (luvmycrzylife) said...

creating and printing off a shopping list ... maybe I could actually stick with it ... doubt it, but maybe lol

Paige Cosgrove Maltby said...

I'm always looking for new menu ideas, and for ways to easily price and make lists. This seems like it could work really well for us!

Aunt Pat said...

Cooking for one is no fun. Don't always eat the best.

Aunt Pat said...

Cooking for one is no fun. Don't always eat the best.

imahappymess said...

Trying to create healthier meals for my sons! This would help a lot!

Jessica said...

I'm going to have to check this out. Thanks!