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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Snickers Protein Shake -- Build a Menu SALE

I just ate the most yummy, satisfying lunch. Decadent, delicious, and HEALTHY. I know that sounds farfetched, but it is true! This Snickers Protein Shake has an unexpected ingredient (that I normally do NOT like), but it is fantastic.
I will admit, I only added the whipped cream for photographic purposes, it is wonderful without it. (It's fat-free Reddi-Whip, for those wondering.)

 This recipe is a Fuel-Pull for my fellow Trim Healthy Mamas, so you shouldn't have it this way TOO often, but it's a great changeup. You could also substitute natural peanut butter for the peanut flour in order to make it an S.

 I got this recipe from a fantastic service called Build A Menu. They offer several different kinds of recipes, from THM to gluten-free to Paleo and a whole host of others. Dinners, breakfasts, lunches, desserts, side dishes, even snacks and seasonal recipes are included. You start by choosing the grocery store you prefer to shop, and then selecting the recipes that look good to try. My favourite feature is that as you choose recipes, it keeps a running total in the side bar, so you can see exactly where you are in your budget. Then you can put each recipe on a calendar, or you can just print them all out at once, and print out your shopping list. Right now, Build A Menu is having a big sale.  For the entire month of May, you can get a full year subscription for MORE than half off.  Use the coupon code "May35" (without the quotation marks), and your full year will only cost you $35, instead of the regular price of $76.  This is the perfect time to get help with menu planning and budgeting all in one fell swoop.

Now for the recipe :

Snickers Protein Shake

1/2 cup cottage cheese (low fat or fat-free)
1 scoop protein powder (I use Swanson Premium Whey Protein Powder)
sweetener to taste (xylitol, erythritol, stevia, or some combination)
6 ice cubes (or more for a thicker consistency)
1/2 cup water
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
2 Tbsp defatted peanut flour (I use Protein Plus)
1/2 tsp caramel extract (I use Watkins, which is sometimes hard to find.  I eventually found mine at WalMart, but not all of them carry it.)

Put cottage cheese, cocoa, peanut flour, extract, and water into your blender container.  Blend until smooth.  Add ice cubes, blend, test consistency and add more ice if necessary.  Add protein powder, blend again.  (Putting the protein powder in last gives it a fluffier, more creamy consistency.)


(And, in case you hadn't guessed, it's cottage cheese that I don't like, but THM has got me eating it and enjoying it in several different recipes.)

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Anonymous said...

I bought a whipped topping maker from I just recently made some homemade caramel whipped cream that I WILL be putting on top of this! Yummy!