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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Build A Menu Back to School SALE!

Tonight's dinner is in the oven right now, and smells absolutely AMAZING.  It's  Curried Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole, and it's a Trim Healthy Mama (E)nergizing meal, which means it's healthy carb and low fat.  I added frozen peas and carrots to ours, so it's truly a one dish meal.  

Build A Menu now has 2 different ways to help you meal plan.  The "Classic" still lets you peruse recipes and choose your own, while it keeps a running grocery total for you.  (Did I mention that this is my favourite feature of BAM?)  The "Done for You" option gives you a week's worth of menus in a pdf file, no guesswork and SO much of a timesaver!  Both options are on sale right now.

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