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Monday, August 04, 2008

2 Days worth of Bentos

DH didn't take Bentos Friday, partly because it's his weekly "go out to lunch with the guys" day, and partly because he let me sleep in :D
The kids and I had Bentos, though. We had a picnic in the living room.

Boiled egg, in various shapes... let's see... 1 bunny, 1 fish, and 1 car. They were cut in half for ease of eating. DD4 had soy sauce to go with hers, DD9 and DD5 had salt. Ants on a Log, carrots with dip, strawberries and cherries, and the little mini jello-type cups that I found at Dong-A on Thursday. Pocky in the lid! (I was so excited that I actually found Pocky! Of course, I didn't think about it when we found a place to stop and eat lunch, and it stayed in the car..... and melted.... *sigh*)

In the tiny Lock & Lock (which was too tall to put inside the square one, so I used the big rectangular one instead.) is some leftover orange chicken that DH whipped up the other night, and some brown rice. The two sauce containers to the right of it are more of the orange sauce from the chicken. There's broccoli and carrots, plus a few grape tomatoes, and some dip in the T/W Smidget container. A car-shaped hard boiled egg, cut in half for ease of eating, and a small bottle of soy sauce for it. Ants on a Log, and some strawberries and cherries. Quite yummy, if I do say so myself =P

DH's from today... microwave scrambled egg; buttered, toasted English muffin; strawberries and blueberries, all for breakfast. Lunch is leftover Mongolian BBQ from BD's, a hard-boiled egg shaped like a fish, a small container of soy sauce, and a T/W s&p shaker. Other tier has green grapes, carrots, and some Bacon Ranch dip. Oreos in the lid for dessert :D

Mine and the kids for today. The kids have sandwiches, heart-shaped... DD9 has ham and muenster cheese, DD5 and DD4 have turkey and American. They all have multi-coloured Goldfish crackers. Baby carrots, 3-cheese Ranch, and a heart-shaped piece of pound cake with sliced strawberries on it.
Mine is leftover Mongolian BBQ from BD's, two soy sauce fishies (I only ended up using one of them.), carrots with 3-cheese Ranch dip, and a couple of grape tomatoes for space filler. Pound cake with sliced strawberries in the side car. This box seems small, or I haven't figured out the best way to pack it yet. I'm still ravenous after finishing lunch o.O

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Anonymous said...

Found you through your comments on Ichiban Kan (love that online store). I reading through your last few posts. I used to live in O-town (moved to VA 18 months ago). There used to be a Super Asian market up on 50 not far from Fashion Square. It's huge and not smelly at all. Tien Hung (think that's the name) is also on 50 -- there's parking behind the building. It's larger than Dong-A and the prices were good (if it's still there). There's also an Indian Spice store on Mills (almost across from the little theater there). Prices were good and the couple that owns the shop is very nice. I really miss the ethnic markets we had in FL (nto to mention the Spanish food).